Walnut veneer sunburst pattern - routing

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Routing the segments to a point

The setup to machine the segments is actually pretty simple. Firstly, a large enough sheet of MDF to cater for our longest veneer segment edge (approx. 1300mm for me) with a known straight edge to run a router template cutter with a bottom bearing from.  Next the 10.1 degree template we made earlier which sits flush against the straight edge below.  Then another known straight edge is set against the template and clamped down.  (insert pic). 

You now have a straight edge to run the template cutter on and a straight edge running at 10.1 degrees.  Each segment can then be set against the straight edge and the router template cutter will produce a perfect 10.1 degree segment.  Insert pic

I did of course want to trial this setup and cut a few test pieces for the task.  With a new cutter in the router I achieved a perfect fine point at the first attempt. The fall back plan had this not been the case was to stop about 10mm short of the point on each segment and hand plane the points. I ran off another four for confidence and then decided that actually I would do a full 9 segments so that I could ensure that I would achieve a quadrant that was in excess of 90 degrees (should of course end up at 90.9 degrees).  Being slightly over 90 degrees allows me to trim back slightly when I put the veneers over the MDF core and just gives me a little bit of room for error.

With a successful trial under my belt I set about cutting the 18 segments using the same process for each one.

Next up – glue up segments.

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